Who We Are

Hi there! We are Bob, Karen, Bobby & Tia, owners.

We are a true family owned and operated business. It was born from our need to have a flexible lifestyle that would allow us to care for our young children. We were faced with a challenge, and overcame it by getting creative and forming our own business. We are the kind of business that has active owners, both in the office and the field operations. Our technicians are personally trained by the owners. We truly care about the standard of work provided to our customers and are able to offer more than just great service and knowledge; you receive the rare confidence that only a family business can instill within their customers.

We give you old fashion work ethics, attitude, and prices!!

Our history

We began Acoustical Illusions, Inc. originally as a ceiling cleaning company, but after spending more time in the field we realized much of the filth acoustical ceilings acquire comes from the air ducts. Bob decided to go get some training in this field, and went off to work for, what was at the time, the largest air duct cleaning company in the nation. He worked there for a year, learning all that he could. Then he came back to add that knowledge to our services. Acoustical Illusions was now both a ceiling and air duct cleaning company.

We were members of the NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and were involved in the development of the standards for the industry. Our primary market initially was new construction in the Custom Home Market, as well as ceiling cleaning.

As time went on, our company evolved and we transitioned solely to an air duct cleaning company. We began this era of our business with the intention of building it into a large company. We later realized, however, that because of our attention to detail, our desire to do the job right the first time and our goal to provide our customers with the same excellent service time after time, we chose to stay small & do the work ourselves. Staying small, allowed us to provide the dedication needed to both, our young children and customers, without sacrificing quality on either end.

Over time, we have seen the HVAC industry become very technical. We have evolved alongside this technology as it grew. We have had years of practice and have become experts in working with turning veins, zoning boxes, UV lighting, electronic air cleaners (EAC’s), geothermal systems, and flex ducting. Our thorough cleaning process provides the builder or homeowner with a good thorough inspection, which allows us to see issues within the duct system and we can let them know where lines are missing, disconnected, or not properly connected to the trunk-line.

Now that our children are grown and have experienced other work cultures, they decided the family business was the route to embark on. Being graced with an abundance of work that four people could no longer accommodate, we were fortunate enough to extend the business to additional family. Bobby's Wife (Hannah), Tia's Husband (Shane) and Brother-in-Law (Connor), have all played a significant role in expanding our company. The five vans we currently run, ensures we can get each customer on our schedule in a timely fashion. We, the owners, are all still active in the field, but cannot make it to every job. With that being said, we are dedicated to having skilled and knowledgeable technicians so all customers continue to experience the comprehensive service we have consistently been known for over the past 29 years.